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Empathy and experience are here for you.


Founded in 1996 by Jennifer S. Gormley, Esq.

We practice in the areas of Elder Law, Disability Law, Probate, Veterans, and Estate law. We also provide estate and trust planning and administration, and probate litigation to clients throughout Colorado.

Meetings are intended to educate and explain. We believe the client is best served by being informed and we take the time to explain the process reasoning and law behind our advice. We will not ever intentionally complicate a subject or write in only legal jargon, nor will we withhold information as a means of keeping the client captive. We provide our services at the client’s pleasure, meaning the client is boss and directs the scope of representation. We endeavor to keep the client well informed.

Our building is handicap accessible, it is a one story building with no stairs or elevators, the halls are wide and all rooms are well lit. We provide large print for clients with visual needs. We will speak up, and are never offended if a client asks us to repeat or speak louder or softer. If a client is unable to read or is a foreign language speaker, we will take time to explain and read documents aloud, so they fully understand what they are signing.

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